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Moxie Presents Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for Life

Learn more about Moxie's weekly themed content designed to develop life skills beyond academics.


Strategies to Optimize Learning with Moxie

Learn more about how we developed Moxie to help promote learning and act as a springboard for children to engage with others and the world around them.

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Watch a Live Demo Session

Watch a recent live demo session with our founder and CEO, Paolo Pirjanian, who shows how Moxie works.

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Gaining Insights Through the Embodied Moxie Parent App

Moxie is accompanied by a companion app that provides parents with meaningful insights of their child’s interactions with the robot.


The Science Behind Moxie

Developed by a veteran team of technologists, neuroscientists, child development specialists, and creative storytellers, Moxie is a robot designed with the latest technology that allows it to engage with children in a revolutionary way. 

Powered by our platform, SocialX™, Moxie is able to perceive, process and respond to natural conversation, eye contact, facial expressions and other behavior as well as recognize and recall people, places, and things to create a unique and personalized learning experience for your child.

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Meaningful Play, Every Day

With Moxie, children can engage in meaningful play, every day, with content informed by the best practices in child development and early childhood education. Every week there is a different theme with missions where your child will help Moxie explore human experiences, ideas, and processes. 


A Close Look at Moxie’s Production Line

Take a behind-the-scenes look at our production line and learn how we're building Moxie and getting ready to deliver a new friend to families this year. 

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Moxie Pioneer Mentor Program

Families in the Pioneer Mentor Program will have the unique opportunity to experience an early version of Moxie, for free! Children will be able to engage in daily creative play and activities with Moxie, while parents provide their expert feedback to help us improve Moxie before its official release.