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Gaining Insights Through the Embodied Moxie Parent App

Gaining Insights Through the Embodied Moxie Parent App

Gaining Insights Through the Embodied Moxie Parent App

By: Stefan Scherer, Chief Technology Officer, Embodied, Inc.

Moxie is a novel companion for children designed to help promote social, emotional, and cognitive development through play-based learning. With Moxie, children can engage in meaningful play, every day, with content informed by the best practices in child development and early childhood education.

As a lifelike companion, Moxie needs to perceive, understand, and react to the physical world and your child. Moxie leverages audiovisual information to build an accurate representation of its surroundings and its users. Using audiovisual information, Moxie localizes and prioritizes input from your child, recognizes their face and objects (e.g., books), analyzes facial expressions and your child’s voice to assess their affect, mood, and level of engagement. Moxie is able to communicate this valuable information to parents through encrypted data channels, allowing parents to track their child’s progress over time with peace of mind that their child’s data is secure.

In fact, Moxie is accompanied by a companion app1 that provides parents with meaningful insights of their child’s interactions with the robot. Through this companion app, parents have access to their child’s weekly progress, activities, and deep insights into both their child’s abilities and struggles in three foundational developmental goal categories: Cognitive, social, and emotional. In addition, the companion app provides parents with insightful and actionable suggestions about supporting their child’s development. Additional functionality of the parent app include controlling settings (e.g., volume, sleep timer), scheduling events, and accessing achievements.



What information does Moxie analyze?

Moxie analyzes (1) audiovisual information, (2) your child’s progress through the provided content, and (3) generalized activity data within the three developmental goal categories. For example, Moxie computes the number of times your child smiles at it, how long your child is engaged with Moxie, the size of your child’s active vocabulary, and your child’s reading level.

How are the scores calculated?

Moxie collects information about your child’s progress within three developmental goal categories, namely cognitive, social, and emotional. Using our proprietary STAR Framework, we calculate compound metrics for each of these categories. In order to be 100% transparent about these scores, a parent can learn about how each score is calculated through progressive disclosure within the Embodied Moxie Parent App. As shown in the images, the social score is calculated using information gathered during conversations between Moxie and the child. The score is calculated by evaluating the child’s ability to engage in a conversation, the amount of mutual gaze that is exchanged between Moxie and the child, as well as the amount of turns the child takes in the conversation. The emotional score is calculated by the time the child spends engaging in emotion regulation activities, the rate your child smiles during conversations, and the number of successful emotional goals completed. The cognitive score is calculated using information gathered in the context of a child reading to Moxie or when reflecting on weekly topics such as Kindness or Making Mistakes, respectively.

Embodied Moxie Parent App - Social Insights

Parent App - Social Insights


Embodied Moxie Parent App - Emotional Insights

Parent App - Emotional Insights


Embodied Moxie Parent App - Cognitive Insights

Parent App - Cognitive Insights

How secure is my child’s data?

The collected data is analyzed and encrypted on the robot locally, before it is sent to the cloud. In fact, all communication between robot, cloud, and parent app is end-to-end encrypted. All the analyzed data is completely anonymous and Embodied has no way to directly associate collected data with your child. Embodied is using state-of-the-art privacy technology to secure your child’s data. Further, the parent, with the help of the parent app, is in full control of accessing the data and its management. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.



  1.  The app is currently available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.