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Moxie Update: Meeting Moxie for the First Time

Paolo Pirjanian Paolo is the founder and CEO of Embodied Moxie. A NASA scientist turned robotics entrepreneur who has helped create technologies for many products ranging from the Sony AIBO to the iRobot Roomba. Paolo believes that robotics can be used for good. He is committed to the Moxie mission not because it's easy but out of a shared boundless optimism that together, we will put a dent in the universe.
Moxie Update: Meeting Moxie for the First Time

Moxie Update: Meeting Moxie for the First Time

Our team has been working hard to refine and further improve Moxie as we prepare for our pre-orders. It’s been great to see so many people join in on our live demos and ask great questions that have prompted us to add new functionality like accessibility options (e.g., slowing down Moxie’s speech for children who need more time to process communication) and consider our roadmap for more new features.

We are excited to share a recent clip to show you an example of what it’s like when Moxie first arrives at your home. Moxie is a little robot on a big mission to be a good friend to humans and you’ll see in the clip how Moxie introduces itself, how Moxie will look for its mentor (child’s name entered by parents into our companion parent app during set up), and how Moxie encourages engagement when a child might be hesitant to participate.

We’re looking forward to sharing more Moxie updates with you and if you’d like to experience a live demo of Moxie, sign up for our next scheduled session and you can always reach out to us with any questions you have about Moxie through our support page.

Watch a Live Demo Session

Watch a recent live demo session that shows how Moxie works.

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