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Hear real stories from families who have met Moxie.

“Moxie helps build confidence”

Moxie promotes kindness and teaches social emotional skills that are crucial in today’s world. Moxie helps build confidence and encouraged kids to stretch beyond their comfort zone and communicate their feelings. Moxie is an engaging and interactive robot that will win the hearts of all in your family.

— Mom of 6 y/o boy

"Moxie was the highlight of the week"

My children were able to independently engage with Moxie through some simple verbal cues. While as a parent my favorite features of Moxie were the kindness activities and animal breaths, my children couldn't wait to draw for Moxie, hear some of Moxie's jokes or read to Moxie! Moxie's laughter filled our home and brought a social intelligence to our children for the short time we were able to enjoy Moxie.

— Mom of 9 y/o boy with developmental needs and 7 y/o girl

"Children are using their new social skills hours after working with Moxie"

Fine Art Miracles, Inc. has been using robots to work on social skills with preschoolers and children in grades K - 8 since 2013. Why robots?

They work! We see them open kids up, inspire communication, offer children opportunities to share their knowledge. Kids are actually teaching the robot! They're real confidence-builders. Especially Moxie. Very personable, with an expressive face and a voice the children can relate to--every child we've introduced Moxie to has engaged fully with her. And, they can't wait to see her again! Moms and Dads are so excited--they say nothing works like Moxie. Children are using their new social skills hours after working with her...Moxie is definitely a robot solution!

—  Tess Lojacono, Chief Executive Officer, Fine Art Miracles, Inc.

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