Our corporate wellness program provides companies the opportunity to offer Moxie as a unique benefit to help support their employee’s families. 

They can experience all of Moxie’s benefits:

  • Engaging content 
  • Helps promote key developmental skills for children 
  • Backed by experts in child development and early childhood education
  • Parent support through the Embodied Moxie parent app that provides key insights to their child’s progress with Moxie
  • Access to the full learning platform including our special kids portal and supplemental learning materials

Our program is low-risk:

  • Special corporate rate: fee paid is per robot and you only pay for utilized robots, so there is no wasted spending
  • Pay a small retainer to secure a minimum number of Moxies for your company. Monthly usage is applied against the retainer.
  • Any unused portion of the retainer is fully refunded back so you have no risk in joining our program.

Our corporate wellness program is also easy to implement:

  • Embodied provides a special portal just for your company
  • Employees can order Moxie directly via the portal
  • We handle shipping and customer support and provide monthly usage reports and invoicing. 

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us at info@embodied.com