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Play-based Learning with Moxie

Moxie provides play-based learning that is paced to weekly themes and missions with content designed to promote social, emotional, and cognitive learning.

What's Included

Moxie comes with a full ecosystem designed to help promote social, emotional, and cognitive learning. Our special launch offer includes an entire year of subscription (valued at $720) that provides a comprehensive program of services and benefits:

• Regular updates of new content and features.

• Unlimited usage of cloud computing resources

• Parent app with daily insights and tips from our experts

• Moxie Mission Packs shipped through the mail each month

• Full access to our G.R.L. portal for kids

Science / Tech

How Robots Help with Learning

At Embodied, we want to help kids become more socially confident and curious individuals by using advanced technology like robots to help propel their potential. Engagement with a companion like Moxie provides an advantage in learning social, emotional, and cognitive skills by creating a unique and personalized learning experience for each child. 

Numerous academic studies (over 10,000 peer-reviewed articles) have shown child-robot interactions can promote increases in learning gains. Our preliminary study of interactions with Moxie have shown improvements in skills such as emotion regulation, conversation skills, friendship skills and self-esteem.

Product Requirements & Subscription Plan

To operate Moxie, you’ll need:

• Wi-fi connection
• Smartphone (minimum iOS 12 or Android 6.0) to download Embodied Moxie Parent App
• Active subscription (first year included)

Our subscription plan provides the high value of our full ecosystem for you and your child. As a special launch offer, a 12 month subscription (an $720 value) is included with your purchase of Moxie. After one year, you’ll have the option of renewing your subscription at a rate of $39.99/month (if paid annually), or you can pay monthly at a rate of $59.99/month. Learn more about all the benefits that your subscription provides.


Your Privacy Matters

Moxie learns more about your child to better personalize its content to help with each child’s individual developmental goals. Embodied has taken careful steps to ensure information provided by children and families is handled with high standards of privacy and security. Moxie and its full ecosystem is COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) Safe Harbor certified so parents can feel safe knowing that Moxie employs leading data integrity and security procedures and that its systems are regularly audited to ensure full compliance.  Further, personally identifiable data and sensitive information is encrypted with the highest level of security and can only be decrypted by a unique key that only the parent has access to.



AC Adapter

Power Supply

7lbs 6oz


Ages 5-10

Recommended Developmental Age

Lithium Ion



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